I first learned something about Scotch from the Johnny Walker promotional event in Washington DC while in law school - thanks Sean Kennedy.  Cardhu is a single malt that they use to make the JW blends.  I quickly found that I liked the single malts better than the blends.

Last night, talking with Randy Kelly (great Denver plaintiffs lawyer), I distilled (yeah, I said it) what I think about singles versus blends this way:

If there are 100 different single malt flavors of scotch, each one appealing to a fairly distinct pallet, then the blends cover several to get more customers.  Me, I prefer my specific single malts.  I enjoy finding flavors within one.  I tend to find the blends lose the specificity I like.

Either way, drink out of a good glass that shoots the volatiles into your nose so that you get all the tannins and flavor.  Not discussing law today - see you next week.