Just started working an auto collision case and it made me think about levels of automobile insurance.

PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM FINANCIAL DISASTER FOR INJURIES YOU CAUSE - If you have assets (like a house), you need a high level of auto insurance (250-500k) and likely an umbrella policy (2+m). This protects you if you hurt someone else. It also saves you from knowing you hurt someone and destroyed their life - yucko.

PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM FINANCIAL DISASTER FOR INJURIES OTHERS CAUSE - Regardless of assets, if you do not have health insurance, you need to purchase MedPay on your own auto policy - the more the better. This pays for your medicals while the case is being settled - it makes sure doctors will treat your injuries.

Get good uninsured and under-insured protection too. This will cover you if the at fault driver cannot cover your full injury. It should be at least 100k.

WHY? Lots of folks have low levels of auto insurance (like 50k). If you get hurt, they will pay their max and leave you still needing treatment with no money to pay for it. These bills can get over 50k quick. Make sure you are covered.

Fortunately for my client, she was hit by a commercial driver with a good policy and assets. If she was hit by an average low policy driver, she would be in a bad way.