I have not posted in several months.  I have been quite busy.  I am happy to report a personal injury client was made whole through settlement.  He was a pedestrian struck in a cross walk by an inattentive driver with a small amount of insurance.  His company settled for the policy limits.  We also were able to get policy limits from my client's under-insured motorist policy.  Once again, the reason to have good auto insurance is to protect yourself.  Make sure you have MEDPAY if you do not have health insurance (best to have at least $20000).  Make sure you have uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage ($100000 or more).

One of my domestic violence clients had his case dismissed prior to trial.  I tried another domestic violence case where with great results and a very happy client. 

Today, I received some police reports of the accuser in a domestic violence case.  These reports detail her arrest and placement in the Boulder Hospital psychiatric ward after she threatened to file false charges on her sister and brother in law, then assaulted her sister.  My client is her ex-boyfriend.  She has filed false charges on him.  This will go a long way to getting this felony case dismissed.

Recent experiences include a case in Boulder Municipal Court for the charges of Operating a Marijuana Business without a license, operating marijuana business violation, violation of marijuana ventilation requirement.  My client thought that he was following the law.  He had his red card and doctor's recommendation for more than 6 plants because he wanted to make edibles.  Based on this information, he had an affirmative defense to the Boulder Code violations for marijuana business.  We were able to resolve this case fairly.  But, most people do not know that Boulder City Code says anyone that grows more than 6 plants, with a limit of only 3 plants being flowering, is considered a marijuana business.  If you are a marijuana business, then you have to have a license and follow all the rules for marijuana businesses, including solar offset, security, license, inspection, and other issues.  If you are growing marijuana, you need to know the rules of your city, county and state.  If this man would have come to my office before the police, he would likely have saved several thousand dollars.  Boulder Revised Code 6-14-13 is a good place to start.

A little non-law related information:

I have heard many people say you have to face your problems or that you cannot run from your problems.  I probably have said it without thinking about what that really means.  Recenlty, I faced an issue that has been on my mind for many years.  I was scared of it.  I tried to hide from it.  I active ran from it.  I used intoxicants to numb it.  Guess what, it was still there.  Well, I finally faced it head on without anger, manipulation or expectation for a specific result.  It was not easy.  I have not felt so good in longer than I can remember.  It is important to face these things.

But, it is also important to know that facing things you have hidden from or repressed will bring up lots of pain and anger.  It is best not to use intoxicants when facing these things.  That pain/anger can come out poorly when mixed with intoxicants.  It can cause you to get in trouble with the law or just your friends and family.  If the issue is really big, like past sexual assault, you really need a mental health professional to help you face things.  And, to help you deal with the pain/anger brought up by facing these things.

Face your biggest fear and deal with it.  Make sure a trusted loved one is around to help.  Do not drink or use drugs while facing these fears.  You will be happier.