I have not given the blog the attention it deserves.  I hope you understand that I have been busy defending the accused and getting just compensation for those injured by the negligence of others.

On the Careless Driving trial, the jury hung with 5 of 6 voting not guilty.  The prosecutor finally made a reasonable offer and we accepted.  We sure wanted to win, but my client wanted to move on with his life.  Careless Driving can be won in Boulder County - do not give in just because the prosecutor refuses to negotiate.

I have been learning Spanish on the Duolingo app for the iPhone.  It is decent, but I need to spend some time in a Spanish household.

Colorado NORML voted to keep me as a board member.  I am no longer the Secretary, and have been promoted to Treasurer.  We continue to advocate for the rights of medical and recreational marijuana users.  Please visit the website, facebook page and twitter feed.  We will keep you apprised of important events. 

I have enjoyed some free time mountain biking, hiking and playing tennis.