So, a few months ago, a client calls about a PMJ ticket written by Adams County Sheriff Deputies Doug Kelsay and Michael Benson with the Drug Task Force.  She is over 21 and the ticket was from April 2013. 

I tell her to just go to first court date and ask DA for dismissal.  She does and DDA says, sure, if you take a "better choices class."  She sends me a text and I say, no way.

So I file a motion to dismiss, write a letter to the DA and ask the case be dismissed prior to next court date.  They did not DM until today when we showed up.

I complained that cops need to be trained and so does the DA from the last appearance.  I am worried that people w/o attorneys are getting a raw deal - hell, its a raw deal just to have your stash taken and being required to go to court.  DA listens and generally agrees in that DA way.  He says they are working on training the agencies and cops.  (maybe the cop should take a better choices class?!?)

I almost wish they would not have dismissed so I could have brought the pain.  If you have a case like this, lets discuss.  I would love to teach a lesson in the right case.  It is not illegal for an adult to possess less than 1 ounce of marijuana in Colorado after January 1, 2013.  You cannot openly use or possess marijuana.  But, if charged with this crime, do not plea guilty or accept a deal.  It is no more illegal than having blond hair or being left handed. 

Just started working an auto collision case and it made me think about levels of automobile insurance.

PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM FINANCIAL DISASTER FOR INJURIES YOU CAUSE - If you have assets (like a house), you need a high level of auto insurance (250-500k) and likely an umbrella policy (2+m). This protects you if you hurt someone else. It also saves you from knowing you hurt someone and destroyed their life - yucko.

PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM FINANCIAL DISASTER FOR INJURIES OTHERS CAUSE - Regardless of assets, if you do not have health insurance, you need to purchase MedPay on your own auto policy - the more the better. This pays for your medicals while the case is being settled - it makes sure doctors will treat your injuries.

Get good uninsured and under-insured protection too. This will cover you if the at fault driver cannot cover your full injury. It should be at least 100k.

WHY? Lots of folks have low levels of auto insurance (like 50k). If you get hurt, they will pay their max and leave you still needing treatment with no money to pay for it. These bills can get over 50k quick. Make sure you are covered.

Fortunately for my client, she was hit by a commercial driver with a good policy and assets. If she was hit by an average low policy driver, she would be in a bad way.

I first learned something about Scotch from the Johnny Walker promotional event in Washington DC while in law school - thanks Sean Kennedy.  Cardhu is a single malt that they use to make the JW blends.  I quickly found that I liked the single malts better than the blends.

Last night, talking with Randy Kelly (great Denver plaintiffs lawyer), I distilled (yeah, I said it) what I think about singles versus blends this way:

If there are 100 different single malt flavors of scotch, each one appealing to a fairly distinct pallet, then the blends cover several to get more customers.  Me, I prefer my specific single malts.  I enjoy finding flavors within one.  I tend to find the blends lose the specificity I like.

Either way, drink out of a good glass that shoots the volatiles into your nose so that you get all the tannins and flavor.  Not discussing law today - see you next week.