I started my career as a Colorado Public Defender, practicing in Colorado Springs, Adams County, and a short stint in the Steamboat Springs office.  Former training director and now Jefferson County Court Judge, Susan Fisch gave me the nuts and bolts of being a lawyer.  I am grateful.  I learned much from the many great trial lawyers in the Public Defender’s office.  I tried a bunch of cases.

After I left the PD, I went to a Trial Lawyers College regional in Estes Park, Colorado.  I met Gerry Spence and a bunch of wonderful TLC staff members.  It excited and scared me.  I wanted more.  While waiting for a verdict on a 1st Degree Murder case in Boulder, I started my application for the 3 week Trial Lawyers College.  I did not know the verdict, but I knew I could have done a better trial.  The following summer, I went to Dubois, Wyoming for TLC (July 2010). https://www.triallawyerscollege.org/

It was amazing.  I saw the process work wonders at helping my friends lose what weighed them down and prevented them from being the best lawyer they could be.  I tried to get that too, but I was not quite ready.  After the glow faded, even though I won the next two trials using some of the processes, I knew I did not get what I needed from TLC.  So, I worked on going back for other programs.

I have been to regionals, several Graduate programs and local events.  I gave up my ego and just tried to get better.  I gave up on any specific agenda and just tried to absorb, learn, be open and honest.  I worked on the horse. 

This process helped me to lose anxiety in my life and in court.  It helped me to be comfortable with myself regardless of the scary facts of a case – the fear of the possible outcome, the loathing of an ugly sentence.  I was able to be in the moment.  I did not hide from the jury.  I am authentic.  I help my client to be the same.  The results show – I have won many tough cases that surprised clients, judges, prosecutors and colleagues. 

At the same time, I have become comfortable with the TLC process.  So much so that it has been noticed by TLC staff.  About a year ago, I was invited to come to staff training.  I went and learned and succeeded.  I have taught at Psychodrama for Lawyers last summer and will teach in Alaska at the constellation in Aleyska in February.  You can learn more here - https://tlc-staging.azurewebsites.net/register-for-a-course/alaska-regional-seminar-2019-voir-dire/ I will teach this summer at the July 3 week college in Dubois. 

I am extremely proud of the work I have done.  I am grateful for the help of my mentors and friends at TLC.  I could not get here without their help.  I have more work to do and will always try to get better.  I am thrilled that I get to help others on this path as a Trial Lawyers College faculty, sometimes called Trial Lawyers College staff.

If some lawyer tells you that you have to plead guilty because no one will believe your story, call me.  If some lawyer says s/he believes you are innocence, but you cannot win, call me.  I cannot guarantee an outcome.  I will work with you to tell the truth as best as it can be told.  If you are innocent and no one believes you, I will.  We will work to find the truth and support it, telling the jury the truth in a way where they can believe it and you can win.  TLC has taught me these skills.