In Colorado, there are two separate types of False Reporting. Both are can have a serious impact on your life and if you are facing charges of False Reporting you should consult with a Denver criminal defense attorney immediately.

The first type of false reporting is providing information to a police officer that is not true, the other is if they falsely report to authorities that there are explosives, weapons, or other harmful substances.

A person can be charged with False Reporting to Authorities (CRS 18-8-111) if they knowingly:

  • Activate manually or by other means of falsely causing the activation of a fire alarm or other emergency exit alarm,
  • Prevent the activation of a fire or emergency alarm by any means
  • Create a false report or cause a false report to be transmitted to law enforcement authorities with the knowledge that the crime or incident did not occur,
  • Present information related to an offense that is known to be false, or
  • Provide false identification to law enforcement authorities.

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A person can be charged with False Reporting of Explosives, Weapons, or harmful Substances (CRS 8-8-110) if they knowingly and falsely report to any other person that one of the following has been placed in a public or private vehicle:

  • Bomb, or other explosive,
  • Chemical or biological agents,
  • Poison or weapons, or
  • Harmful radioactive substance.

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