Domestic Violence (DV) victims often want to drop the charges later. In Boulder, Longmont, Broomfield, Weld, Greeley, Larimer, Fort Collins, Loveland, Adams, Brighton, Jefferson, Golden, and other Colorado counties, the prosecution will not dismiss the charges upon request. The prosecution will try to talk the victim out of dismissing the Domestic Violence (DV) charge. The prosecutor will then look at the Domestic Violence (DV) victim as a recanting victim that told the truth to the police, but now is suffering from victim guilt due to the cycle of violence.

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This can be true. Also, the Domestic Violence (DV) victim may realize that s/he caused the events by actions or inflammatory words that they left out when talking to police. The Domestic Violence (DV) victim may fear telling the truth would lead to charges against him or her. Maybe the Domestic Violence (DV) victim exaggerated the original facts. In these cases, the Domestic Violence (DV) victim can be charged with harassment, assault or false reporting.

I have represented Domestic Violence (DV) victims in these cases with success. I have had cases in Boulder and Longmont dismissed through these efforts,

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